About me

I was born in Archangel, northern Russia. There I spent my youth. And there amazing people and beautiful nature, inspired me to write poetry and a few novels. My marriage, my work, and rearing my children delayed my hobby - writing.

From my youth children looked at me curiously and with interest, and today even more so.

They send me kisses, want to talk to me, and want me to pay attention to them. There developed in me a feeling to write for them. I have 2 children and 3 grandchildren. I have written a few children stories of northern Russia and Ukraine. Also stories of legends and poetry. For teenagers fiction and fantasy.

I have written a novel of more than 200 pages. I've had one children's book and one novel published in Ukraine.

Recently in the American publishing house "Dorrance publishing" and in the Canadian-England publishing house "Trafford publishing" were also printed my children's books.

Albina Caffrey